70s Styles in 2017

These 70s Trends are Reemerging this Summer

Time for a throwback! All of my fashion lovers alike can agree, we’ve been in a time machine of fashion trends lately! Now of course, this is no surprise to anyone in the fashion industry, because we all know that great trends resurface time and time again, but we are still loving every minute of these re-births!

Here’s a look at my favorite summer ’17 trends that have trickled their way back into our closets.

jessica-alba-leaving-the-late-show-with-stephen-colbert-in-new-york-9-8-2016-9Bellbottom Trousers

While this style of pants may not have been born in the 70s, it certainly made its way into mainstream fashion in this era. If you were around for this love affair of wide leg pants and bell bottom jeans, you may remember Sonny and Cher rocking their bell bottoms which lead to the popularity of the style. You can find these styles and variations of them being sold in stores and online at boutiques like Free People, Fashion Nova and Asos.

Check out celebrity fashionista, Jessica Alba in her version of the bellbottom trouser.

Beyonce-Blue-Ivy-Mother-Day-Pictures-2017Floral Prints

Emerging from late 60s to early 70s, the term “Flower Child” came into play… and prints!

Flower Power doesn’t even begin to explain the trend that is floral printed clothing, but it sure does it justice! Floral prints are back now and can be found on dresses, pants, swimsuits and even your new favorite pair of flip-flops. You can find this trend reemerging by way of patches and just full on prints. Looking for a nice floral? You can get your florals at stores all over! Some of my favorites are at Nordstrom and H&M.

Get a look at how Beyonce’ styles her bump in this Dolce & Gabbana floral gown.

Vanity Fair And Tiffany & Co. Host A Private Dinner To Toast Lupita Nyong'o And Celebrate Legendary StyleJumpsuits/Rompers

With popularity growing more near the end of the 70s era, a jumpsuit was the piece of the season to make sure you had in your closet! Fitting some of the best of the era like a glove, jumpsuits gave both men and women the confidence to show off a little curve! Unisex fashion was on a rise, and this was something that to this day, can be pulled off by many a tall and long. Check out stores like Mod Cloth for a great collection of jumpsuits that have transformed from 70s fashion to fit right into 2017.

Here’s the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o in an eye capturing jumpsuit.

94b6679c77816273a9bc2b7937363fe7Bell Sleeves

Big sleeves are forever a yes in my book! This popular 70s trend made way to giving women clothing that we could move in! Tight dresses weren’t as flexible for the woman on the move and this look for a summer trip to the city or even into the office has always been a hit! I’ve got to say, I’m glad to see this one come back around. Macy’s has a great variety of the bell sleeve in dresses and blouses alike. Happy shopping!

Here’s my absolute favorite style idol, Solange Knowles, in her version of the bell sleeve trend.

I hope all of you fashionistas enjoy these looks and find some great inspiration on where to find your style of 70s fashion! The good thing about a reemerging trend from decades ago is that you can more than likely find your trending pieces in a thrift store at a low costs!


“Fashion fades, style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent


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