L.B.D & A.R.T

“Art is the only thing that makes sense to me right now.” is what I captioned this photo after posting it to my Instagram account. It truly is. There is a lot of growth happening within me as of lately. No two days are the same and new situations are coming and going faster than I can blink.

I choose to re-do the LBD (see previous post here) because of the space I’m in now. My first post to this blog was an LBD, same dress, same young lady. Different mindset behind the look.

Taking it all in – ATL, GA 8.2017

I feel “funkier” now. Like I can just be cool and weird and be okay with that. My first post about an LBD was simple, and while the concept of a little black dress is just that, I wanted to “funk” this day up a little.

I’m with my sister and a great girl friend of mine out of town this weekend. Nothing feels better than good vibes and good people and I put thought into this styling based on that.

The pop of pink shoes is just a reminder to be different, but to remain consistent in the bliss of simplicity.



  • Graffiti Denim Jacket- Gifted from a friend! 🙂 – shop similar looks for low here.
  • Black ribbed tank dress – H&M, Basics Line, $12.99
  • Pink Slides – Aldo, $20 (on sale)
  • Vintage bracelets and choker from a trip to Mexico a few summers back.

How are we feeling today??

-xoxo, Ams.



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